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Car Warranty

The following is the list of parts covered by this warranty, subject to the exclusions set forth in this document.

a. Engine:

All internally lubricated engine parts including:

Crankshaft and bearings, oil pump, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods and rod bearings, internal timing gears and chain, camshaft and camshaft bearings, intake and exhaust manifold, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shaft and hydraulic lifters, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs and valve guides. Cylinder heads and engine blocks are also covered if mechanical failure was caused by the above listed parts. Harmonic balancers are not covered.

b. Transmissions (Automatic)

All internal transmission parts including:

Gears, shafts, bearings and bushings, oil pumps, servo units, clutch plates, steel and friction drums, governor, rings, torus units, valves and torque converters.

c. Transmissions (Standard)

All internal transmission parts including:

All gears, bushings, bearings, spacers, shafts, synchronizing drum, overdrive housing, except electrical, and transmission case if malfunction was caused by the above listed parts. Clutch plate, pressure plate, flywheel and throw-out bearings are included.

d. Drive Axle Assembly (Front or Rear Drive)

All internally lubricated components contained in the drive housing including:

Ring and pinion gears, pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, carrier assembly, thrust washers, axle bearings, U-joints. The drive axle housing is also covered if damage is caused by failure of internally lubricated parts.

e. Drive Shaft and Universal Joints:

Including constant velocity joints

f. Water Pump:

Replacement or repair

g. Alternator:

Replacement or repair

h. Starter:

Replacement or repair

Terms of Warranty
  1. This warranty will become valid from date of purchase and will remain valid for the period selected or maximum mileage of the warranty selected, whichever occurs first.
  2. Vehicle owner must have engine oil and filter changed at least every 3 months or 3,000 miles, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Proof of compliance containing the date of service, mileage and vehicle identification number must be supplied upon request.
  3. Watson Motors Warranty reserves the right to authorize any and all qualified repairs and or repair facility before repairs are done. YOU MUST HAVE AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.


  1. Malfunctions resulting from collision, vandalism, neglect, abuse or failure to make the required oil and filter changes.
  2. Any damage caused by overheating or freezing due to the loss of lubricating or cooling fluids.
  3. Repairs required as a result of racing, sustained high speeds, acceleration trails, off-road use or shifting gears at high R.P.M.’s.
  4. NO WARRANTY ON 4X4 Parts and Labor
  5. Repairs required as a result of hauling trailers without the use of correct equipment, or hauling trailers or loads exceeding the rated vehicle capabilities as recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Any vehicle which the odometer has been altered or the correct vehicle mileage cannot be readily determined.
  7. Pre-existing damage to any parts listed in Paragraph 1, or any parts not listed in Paragraph 1.
  8. Loss of time, use of vehicle or any consequential damages or injury to persons or property resulting from the failure of malfunction of any parts listed in Paragraph 1.
  9. Repairs required as a result of any mechanical alterations not recommended by the manufacturer.
  10. Seals and Gaskets, including HEAD GASKETS